Market share until the end of 2010

It is estimated that Android will grow quicker than any other Mobile OS. It seems that Blackberry is falling behind as is Windows 7. The only real competitor it seems is Nokia Symbian. Lets wait and see

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Android Market

The following is a must list to have on your Android phone.
1. Twitter for Android
2. Facebook for Android
3. WordPress for Android

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facebook and twitter for android

these 2 apps are found in Android Market free. They seamlessly update and refresh themselves. They are closely designed to their pc counterparts.

Love the notification feature…including the interweaving with Vodafone 360. Android has better performance than the others. A worthwhile bet for any newcomer to Android.

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My new day with Android

I was testing Vodafone’s own answer to the Android Market. I have experimented over a year with RIM’s own system only to find it slow and clumbersome. It has advantages, as the apps are well designed.

I have experience with Symbian, yet the performance is a little behind. Nokia being a great participator in apps and systems. I find the apps ok. But they consume the battery like virtual “vultures.” the apps are ok, but Nokia beta apps are prone to be suspended. The smart social network app being recently pulled out, both in circulation and online gateways being shut down. The N97 being a flagship of this system, but whilst it is good having a full qwerty, sometimes apps simply blocked up RAM threads leaving the phone hanging. Symbian is being updated, and new demand for social networking apps will bring Nokia to the forefront of the market.

Android is Google’s answer to all this. I was surprised by the unseamed performance between Facebook, Twitter and GMAIL. It was amazing to get notifications of new mail, new Facebook updates, along with new Twitter entries. I found a whole collection of useful apps, like Quickoffice.

The only thing that bugs me is poor screen graphic quality. I get the sensation that Android is a superficially constructed code, but in actual performance facts, I am convinced that Android is a winner…more to come!

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Android Today

This is a new blog to give you all the resources for Google’s operating system for mobile.
Our business relies on investment and donations to take time to write and publish downloads for this technology. Please use Paypal for this using for the email reference. Look forward to publishing more.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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